Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Sunlight becomes electricity – simply brilliant. What began over 100 years ago with the first photovoltaic systems is now indispensable in today’s energy supply. More than two million solar photovoltaic systems are in operation in Germany alone. PROJEKTKANZLEI specializes in PV systems like few other law firms. We advise nationwide on all legal issues relating to solar energy.

Acquisition and sale of solar installations

We assist in both the purchase of new solar installations for residential use and the acquisition of larger solar installations for agricultural businesses, commercial enterprises, and industry. In addition to fundamental issues regarding permits and compensation, this often involves rights and obligations between the contracting parties.

For clients planning to establish large installations, we also prepare the necessary documents for participating in tenders. Because these installations only receive compensation if they have been awarded a contract by the Federal Network Agency.

Offer evaluation at a fixed price

If the solar installation is intended as a capital investment, particular attention should be paid to securing the investment. We offer a legal assessment of offers at a fixed price.

For upcoming sales of existing installations, we conduct comprehensive reviews of solar systems to identify potential risks and provide a better assessment of their value (legal due diligence). This can also be necessary when purchasing a property that already has a solar installation in place.

Contract drafting and contract review

The law offers various options for how self-generated electricity can be utilized. In addition to traditional full feed-in or self-consumption, options such as supplying tenants within the property or directly delivering electricity to third parties are also possible.

We draft and review contracts required for these models. These can primarily be usage agreements, equipment lease agreements, or power supply agreements.

Template contracts for solar installations

For all common applications, we offer template contracts at a fixed price. This allows you to create ready-to-sign contracts in no time.

For larger solar parks, it is increasingly the property owners who have the offered usage agreements reviewed. Here, we ensure that the risks associated with the land transfer are properly regulated and that the terms are correct.

Disputes with grid operators

Legal disputes with the grid operator can arise, for instance, when the grid operator refuses to connect a solar installation to their grid or if the grid connection takes too long. Additionally, disputes often arise over compensation.

If a grid operator believes they have overpaid compensation to the facility operator, they may demand repayment of the excess compensation. In some cases, this can amount to several hundred thousand euros. Often, the legal situation is not as clear-cut as the grid operators would like to suggest. Because the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which regulates compensation, is not an easy read even for experts in the field.

The challenge in such legal disputes lies primarily in explaining complex energy law issues in a comprehensible manner. If successful, even operators of small solar installations do not have to feel powerless against seemingly dominant grid operators. The PROJEKTKANZLEI has won several outstanding judgments in favor of plant operators – judgments that today benefit a multitude of plant operators.

Responsibilities of plant operators

The law also includes some pitfalls that operators of a solar installation should be aware of and take into account. Otherwise, there is a risk of unpleasant surprises.

On the one hand, there are various registration and reporting obligations (Market Master Data Register, Redispatch 2.0, etc.). On the other hand, in specific situations, even small mistakes can lead to losing your legal entitlement to compensation. Caution is especially advised in case of major technical defects requiring replacement of solar modules, when expanding the installation, or when relocating the system.

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