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Shaping and driving forward the energy transition – that is our mission. Currently, this is a monumental task. Therefore, we are seeking reinforcements.


The PROJEKTKANZLEI specializes in solar photovoltaic systems like no other law firm. We advise nationwide on all legal issues relating to solar energy.

The PROJEKTKANZLEI operates nationwide. Thanks to modern communication technology, we can advise and represent our clients comprehensively at any time anywhere.

PROJEKTKANZLEI is led by attorney Sebastian Lange. He has been dealing with solar photovoltaic system since 2011. He has worked on many groundbreaking projects and won outstanding legal cases in favor of solar photovoltaic system operators.

Attorney Lange is also the founding chairman of Allianz BIPV e.V., the specialist association for building-integrated photovoltaics, and a member of leading associations in the solar industry. Therefore, he is well-connected within the industry and actively contributes to shaping developments.

Leider haben wir derzeit keine offenen Stellen.


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