Lawyer Sebastian Lange

The PROJEKTKANZLEI is managed by lawyer Sebastian Lange. He has been dealing with solar photovoltaic system since 2011. He has worked on many groundbreaking projects and won outstanding legal cases in favor of solar photovoltaic system operators.

Commitment and memberships

Lawyer Lange is the founding chairman of the Allianz BIPV e.V., the professional association for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics. The Allianz BIPV aims to promote Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and to remove existing barriers to its deployment. Members of the Allianz BIPV include manufacturers, research institutions, architects, consultants, and professionals from the construction and energy industries.

In addition, Lawyer Lange is involved in the Federal Association of the Solar Industry (BSW), the German Solar Energy Society (DGS), and the Solar Energy Promotion Association Germany (SFV).

Publications and lectures

Lawyer Lange regularly publishes articles and gives lectures on current legal issues concerning solar energy operators. His contributions appear particularly in the specialist magazines “Sonnenenergie” and “pv magazine“. As a speaker, Lawyer Lange is also a frequent guest at the SolarZentrum Berlin.

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