Template contracts for solar installations

Are you looking for suitable template contracts for implementing your solar project? We have them! – – With our template contracts, you can easily and securely establish the contractual basis for your solar installations. Additionally, each of our template contracts comes with a brief application guide and a checklist outlining important considerations for solar plant operators—ensuring legal compliance and minimizing risks.

What distinguishes our template contracts?

We have completely revised and rethought our template contracts. Our goal is to make the use of the template contracts as simple as possible. At the same time, we aim to minimize susceptibility to errors.

Therefore, our template contracts are now structured as follows:

  • In general, all individual and project-specific details are consolidated and captured in a standardized form on page 1.
  • Further project-specific data are included as appendices to the contract.
  • The main text of the contract itself usually remains unchanged. This approach helps prevent errors from creeping in.
  • Wollen die Vertragsparteien bestimmte Regelungen anders vereinbaren oder ergänzen, so können sie dies als „Sondervereinbarungen“ festhalten. The contract templates allow sufficient flexibility for this purpose.
  • General contract attachments commonly used in many projects (power of attorney documents, sample consent forms, etc.) are already included.

With our contract templates, you can quickly create a contract ready for signature in no time. To prevent errors during use, our template contracts are saved as “protected forms” in Word format: Users can only enter necessary data at designated fields, ensuring that the contract text itself remains unchanged. To make changes to the contract text, the protection must be disabled or removed. In the user guide provided with each template contract, we explain how to do this.

The Word documents are consistently well-formatted. Therefore, the entire content can be transferred to another letterhead without much effort. Thus, the contract ready for signing appears under your own logo and in your corporate design if desired.

Our prices

We offer our template contracts at three different prices, depending on the level of support you require from us and the intended use of our template contract.



Template contracts for individual use in any number of projects

Instructions for use

Checklist of essential operator responsibilities



Template contracts filled out with data specific to one of your solar projects. The template contract can be individually reused for additional solar projects.

Instructions for use

Checklist of essential operator responsibilities

Analysis and review of the situation for one solar project

Creation of a contract ready for signature based on the provided data

Maximum security and precision of the contract

Pre- and post-discussion via telephone
(up to a maximum of 1 hour in total)



Template contracts for commercial use in any number of cases

Instructions for use

Checklist of essential operator responsibilities

Transfer of the template contract to your design template (Word template), review of your final draft

If needed, adjustments to the contract text itself
(Additional time spent will be billed on an hourly basis.)

Update-Service for 1 year
(each additional year for €249)

Pre- and post-discussion via telephone
(up to a maximum of 2 hours in total)

All prices are net prices excluding VAT.
The contracts are based on German law.

When do you need which contracts?

The good news is that in most cases, as an operator of a solar installation, you don’t have to worry much about the contractual basics. For the installation of the solar system, you do enter into a contract with your provider. But typically, this contract is provided by the supplier.

Documents for providers

We provide template documents for all necessary situations for solar system providers, ensuring that you are always on the safe side.

However, if you intend to operate your PV system on someone else’s property, offer the electricity from the solar system to a third party, or transfer the entire PV system to another individual or legal entity, it should be clearly regulated in a contract. Also, in the case of condominium associations (WEG) or when the PV system is planned to be operated by multiple individuals, there are points that should be contractually documented.

order template contracts

If you are interested in our template contracts, please provide us with your complete contact information here. You will promptly receive the corresponding offer documents from us, which we kindly ask you to sign and return to us (via email is sufficient) for confirmation. Upon receipt of your binding order, you will typically receive the requested contract templates within 24 hours via email.

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Gewünschte Musterverträge

Do you have any questions about our contract templates or do you need specific contracts for a use case that is not represented here? Then please feel free to send us a short message at post@projektkanzlei.eu.

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