Legal PV system support

Legally sound and well-prepared against all risks: With our legal system support, your PV system will not cause you sleepless nights.

Our legal PV system management applies to all systems with a capacity of 300 kWp and above. General information on the mandate of the PROJEKTKANZLEI can be found here.

The legal framework for solar installations is constantly changing. The demand for legal advice has become so high that we can no longer accept all the cases that are brought to us. Therefore, we have created an exclusive offer for operators of larger solar installations aimed at protecting you from legal risks and difficulties. We ensure ongoing legally compliant operation of your solar installations. You can relax and don’t need to worry about anything else.

It’s about your money.

The basic idea is good and right: Having your own solar installation not only contributes to climate protection but When the installations run properly and everything fits together, the investments also pay off.

Unfortunately, as an operator of a solar installation, it’s hard to keep track: The legal framework keeps changing constantly, with new obligations and deadlines being added all the time. Whether it’s plant certificates, the Market Master Data Register, or Redispatch 2.0: Who can reliably say today what plant operators need to consider?

Certainly not the grid operators. When it comes to legal issues or even legal disputes, they seem to have the upper hand. And the courts uphold the grid operators in this regard: It is solely the responsibility of the plant operators to timely inform themselves about their legal obligations.

“The operator of a photovoltaic system who wishes to receive subsidies under the Renewable Energy Sources Act must inform themselves about the applicable legal situation and the conditions for claiming the subsidy.”

(Federal Court of Justice, judgment of July 5, 2017 – VIII ZR 147/16)

How is an individual plant operator supposed to assess what is expected and required in the industry? Whether the contracts and forms I am supposed to sign are truly good and correct from the perspective of plant operators remains uncertain. Often, I don’t even know if I have all the necessary documents and information for my installation.

Incorrect information during registration or in the registers can indeed become quite expensive. Some grid operators seem to be just waiting for plant operators to make a mistake. And then they really come down hard and demand repayment of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) remuneration from the past years.

Those who don’t deal with legal issues surrounding solar installations on a daily basis can no longer keep track of all these requirements and risks alone nowadays. Therefore, many plant operators would like to protect themselves against this. But try to find legal insurance that takes on these legal risks and tells you exactly what to do… (There isn’t one. You don’t need to search any further.)

Legal plant management creates added value.

Your PV installations should really pay off and not cause you sleepless nights. The income should flow securely. And if there are legal questions, you have a competent specialist by your side: Someone who takes care of all legal matters. Someone who ensures that you don’t lose money and protects you from unjustified claims.

With our legal PV plant management, you receive what no legal insurance (or any other law firm) offers in this form:

  • Systematic recording of all documents and contracts related to your PV installations;
  • Monitoring of all legal obligations and legal changes;
  • Review and ongoing maintenance of your data in the Market Master Data Register;
  • Regulation-compliant communication with the grid operator (within and outside the Market Master Data Register and “connect+”);
  • Regular review of remuneration settlements;
  • Drafting contracts for the implementation and securing of your operator model (usage agreement, tenant electricity contract, and similar);
  • Assertion and enforcement of warranty and liability claims in case of damage.

We keep track of all legal requirements and ensure that you do not lose money. Your additional benefits:

  • Your PV installations are legally sound at all times. You don’t have to worry about legal changes yourself and can sleep soundly at night.
  • You won’t lose money due to incorrect billing.
  • We guarantee you competent legal protection against unjustified claims from third parties. We won’t leave you out in the rain and will represent you legally in every case—no matter the amount of the claim.
  • PV-Anlagen, die rechtlich “checkheftgepflegt” sind, haben einen deutlich höheren Wiederverkaufswert.

In addition, we benefit together. Because together we see more than each of us sees alone. By systematically comparing as many offers as possible, we can determine what is truly industry standard. Together, we are more efficient and impactful.

The suitable offer for larger PV installations

Competent legal advice typically comes at a cost. However, we also understand that as a solar plant operator, reliability and consistency in operating costs are important to you. Therefore, we offer our ongoing legal plant management services at a fixed price that seamlessly integrates into your cost structure:

  • You pay only €1 per kilowatt of installed capacity annually (plus VAT) as a flat fee. So, for a 500 kWp system, this amounts to just €500 (net) in ongoing costs. This fee covers all ongoing activities that we provide as part of our legal plant management services.
  • In addition, there is a one-time flat fee for data collection and initial review. This amounts to €190 per installation that we manage for you (plus VAT).
  • The Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG) sets a minimum fee that we are not allowed to undercut, even if we wanted to. If a legal dispute arises that needs to be resolved through litigation, our fees are governed by the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG). The amount in dispute is crucial in determining the fees. And if we win the case for you, these are the costs that the opposing party will reimburse to you.

There is no minimum contract duration. However, since our workload is typically highest at the beginning, we charge a minimum compensation if the contract is terminated early. The minimum compensation corresponds to three annual flat fees, with any already paid annual fees being credited.

Currently, we can offer our legal PV plant management to all plant operators who own solar installations with a total capacity of at least 300 kWp. In terms of timing, we typically begin our legal plant management services no earlier than the technical commissioning of your plant or when operation is taken over. If you need legal assistance earlier, such as during the review of the purchase contract, we are happy to offer you affordable flat-rate fees for the necessary steps.

If you are interested in our legal PV plant management services, please send us a brief message via email. You will promptly receive our specific contract proposal. In it, you will find detailed information on the tasks and risks we handle for you or your clients, what you can rely on, and how we bill for our services.

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