Becoming a Client

The PROJEKTKANZLEI operates nationwide. Thanks to modern communication technology, we can advise and represent our clients comprehensively at any time anywhere.

Contemporary communication

Many things can be discussed over the phone. Upon request, we also offer video meetings via Zoom or similar platforms. Therefore, a personal visit to our office is not strictly necessary in most cases.

Aufgrund hoher Nachfrage und Auslastung können wir zurzeit leider nicht immer zeitnah auf alle Anrufe reagieren. Es sind schlicht zu viele. – Vereinbaren Sie am besten online einen Termin.

Documents can be exchanged easily and quickly via email. For the encrypted transmission of electronic documents, we offer WebAkten. WebAkten are available for both non-binding mandate inquiries and for regular data exchange within an existing client relationship.

WebAkten are available for both non-binding inquiries about mandates and for regular data exchange within an existing client relationship.

Non-binding inquiry via WebAkten

Please briefly describe your case here and attach the most important documents. The inquiry is non-binding. This will incur no costs for you, and there are no obligations for us.

Transparent costs

We also consider clear and transparent costs of our work as very important. Generally, we bill all our services on an hourly basis at the agreed-upon hourly rate. Billing is done down to the minute and promptly, allowing you to keep track of costs at all times.

For some common services, we offer fixed fee packages that provide you with maximum cost certainty. Fixed fee packages are available especially

  • for the initial consultation of consumers (€190 net);;
  • for reviewing land use contracts for open-space installations;
  • for customized contract drafting;
  • for examinations and registrations in the Market Master Data Register.

The statutory fee schedule for lawyers (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz – RVG) sets a minimum fee that must not be undercut in judicial proceedings. If the fees and expenses required by the Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG) exceed the amount that would result from billing on an hourly basis, we calculate the statutory minimum fee. If the court case is decided in your favor, those are also the costs that the opposing party must reimburse to you.

Special offer for large solar installations

For operators of larger solar installations, we offer ongoing legal support upon request. With our legal support for PV installations, you will always be legally compliant and well-prepared against any legal risks.

We offer our legal support for PV installations at an unbeatable fixed price of just €1 per kilowatt of installed capacity. It applies to all clients who own solar installations with a total capacity of at least 300 kWp.

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